Our Spartan Body Bootcamps, or SBBC, are a mixture of high intensity training, functional training, cross training, and a whole lot of FUN! Every single class is a full body workout led by certified trainers. All trainers are extensively coached in making adaptations/modifications for all levels of fitness and pre-existing injuries (beginners, intermediate, and advanced). The goal of our SBBC classes is to challenge your body at totally different levels while also toning and shaping the body and gaining strength and confidence.

What makes Elite Spartans’ bootcamps standout among the rest is the cohesion of classes and trainers that allows you to become comfortable in your environment while consistently challenging our members with a wide variety of workouts. We pride ourselves in getting to know our members and welcoming everyone into the Elite Spartans’ family and our friendly community. To ensure that our bootcamps are the right match for you, each person is given one free class and a follow-up meeting with a membership consultant so we can go over member options. Please fill out the form below to reserve your free trial!