My name is Fatima! I’m currently a San Jose State student pursuing a B.S in Business Marketing. My current hobbies include: working out, going to the beach, and traveling. I joined the Elite Spartans’ team because this team is very passionate about what they do and I am inspired by their dedication to health and fitness. Also, I really appreciate the level of customer service that is offered here, which is one of the qualities that attracted me to join this team. From the time I started here I’ve felt more ambitious and motivated to be a better version of myself. My goal as a part of this team is to create an impact and help each client reach their fitness goals. I love seeing clients sense of accomplishment after each class and seeing the hard work they put in. Each day that passes, I see the progress and the boost of confidence in everyone that comes in. We here at Elite Spartans can’t wait to work with you and help you become the strong, fit, and empowered person you are!