I’m so excited to join the Elite Spartan family! At the age of 15, i was weighing 250 lbs. Unhappy and depressed was a feeling i was used to. Trying to make a change in my lifestyle, I joined the wrestling team at Oak Grove High school. Three months into being in the wrestling team, I lost over 45 pounds. After wrestling, I joined kickboxing, and fell in love with the art. Years after, I started competing and shredding weight. I was able to drop my weight to 150’s. Not only did my appearance make a big change but so did my mental health. I feel good about myself and i want to help you get there too. I  will not only help you reach your goals, i will make sure you have fun and enjoy it as well!

Thank you,
Jose Fajardo
CPR Certified
L2 Muay-Thai Certified instructor
Elite Spartans Bootcamp Certified