Hi everyone!

I am so excited to join the Elite Spartans team and motivate you to your last repetition and help get you to your fitness goals. I am passionate about health and fitness in part due to my personal experience. My background in fitness comes from playing competitive sports throughout my life. In high school I ran cross country, played badminton and challenged myself to play soccer one season, while in college I played water polo and swam. I have always enjoyed challenging myself mentally and physically. Immersing myself in competitive environment has helped me build character and empathy and hope I can motivate you to see fitness from a different perspective.

I am passionate about helping people so my jobs have always been in the realm coaching or teaching. Teaching others has been a rewarding experience that has allowed me to feel accomplished, while training has become a fun interactive growth experience with the help of my peers and mentors. While on my way to a Physical Therapist career I discovered that I really enjoyed teaching and coaching. My goal as your personal trainer is to ensure you receive an effective training routine while preserving your safety at all times. Whether you seek change/improvement in your fitness goals or simply want to begin an exercise routine, I would love to be an aid and a resource for you. I hope that my background and experience can help you to accomplish your goals, see progress and have fun doing it!
The fitness world can be intimidating and people often feel insecure about the gym or the exercises themselves. I definitely believe that exercise should be a rewarding experience. Life is challenging as it is, don’t let fitness be a stressor but a reliever. My hope is that we can work on this together and I can help you become more confident.

In my spare time you can find me working out, writing workouts, exploring new food places, catching up on Netflix shows/movies, taking my dog for walks and spending time with my family.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about my workouts, experience, anything really!

Bachelor’s in Kinesiology/concentration in Exercise Science
BLS/First Aid/AED/Oxygen certified