Hi everyone!

My name is Norah and I am happy to be a trainer here at Elite Spartans!

My personal fitness journey is far from done yet, but it definitely had a rough start! Growing up, I was active in competitive swimming and other sports and had no problem with gaining muscles from all the swimming I was doing. What I saw in the mirror was a bulky large body and I started developing a bad relationship with food. I struggled with an eating disorder throughout high school and into my early 20’s. Having my my first son in 2004 was the start of my recovery. I had been healthy through my pregnancy and I wanted more than anything to keep it that way. I started seeking out gyms and reading as much as I could about health and fitness. It took 5 years of trying different kinds of training on my own, working with 2 amazing personal trainers who inspired me and being part of a gym with supportive and encouraging people to get me to finally find my footing in the fitness industry. I loved how excercise made me feel and I especially loved how it was changing how I looked at food. I realized food is fuel for my body and I was finally starting to find a balance with this new found passion.

With all the knowledge I gained about fitness and finding how it transformed my life, I started my journey on becoming a certified personal trainer so I could help someone else. While studying for my certification, I started seeking out gyms that I would like to be a part of and could possibly have an internship with. I knew I wanted to be part of a gym that truly cares about their clients and wants to teach them not only how to live a healthy life style but also how to maintain it. When I found Elite Spartans, I knew it would be a perfect fit! Those qualities are everything that the Elite Spartans stand for.

In my spare time, I enjoy beach days, camping and having fun with my husband and my two sons. I love singing, and in my free time one of my hobbies and passion is singing with my band! I look forward to working with Elite Spartans members on their fitness journeys so we can achieve our goals together!